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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Wikileaks: Sheekada Dhexmartay Faroole iyo U.S Ambassador James Swan

Halkan ka akhriso qoraalka uu safiirka Maraykanaka ee Soomaaliya usoo diray wasaaraddda arimaha dibadda ee Maraykanaka ka dib kulan uu la yeeshay Abdiraxman Faroole, Madaxwaynaha Puntland. Qoraalkan waxaa shaaciyey degelka waerarka sirta ah kashifa ee loo yaqaan the Wikileaks

Reference id aka Wikileaks id #218325  ? 
SubjectSomalia - Puntland President Determined To Push For Greater Autonomy
OriginEmbassy Nairobi (Kenya)
Cable timeMon, 27 Jul 2009 16:10 UTC
Referenced by09NAIROBI1795
Hide header UNCLAS SECTION 01 OF 02 NAIROBI 001604 SENSITIVE SIPDIS DEPT FOR AF/E E.O. 12958: N/A TAGS: PGOV [Internal Governmental Affairs], PINR [Intelligence], MARR [Military and Defense Arrangements], SOCI [Social Conditions], SO [Somalia] SUBJECT: SOMALIA - PUNTLAND PRESIDENT DETERMINED TO PUSH FOR GREATER AUTONOMY REF: NAIROBI 1474 ¶1. (SBU) Summary: Puntland President "Faroole," during a July 23 meeting with Somalia Unit Poloff, remained noncommittal about a possible meeting with Transitional Federal Government (TFG) President Sheikh Sharif Sheikh Ahmed and repeatedly signaled his intention to work toward greater Puntland autonomy. (Note: Contacts, including TFG Prime Minister Sharmarke, have told us that "Faroole" had agreed to discuss the deployment of Ethiopian-trained troops from Puntland to Mogadishu in support of the TFG. End Note.) "Faroole" told us he had little confidence in the TFG President and Prime Minister" and remained skeptical of the TFG's commitment to federalism. "Faroole" has hired a K Street lobbying firm and appears to be stepping up attempts to broker international agreements outside TFG channels. We are encouraging "Faroole" to meet with President Sharif to discuss a number of contentious issues, including security cooperation and resource control. While "Faroole" has made some overtures to the TFG, we believe that a meeting between "Faroole" and Sheikh Sharif is more likely to occur as a result of sustained pressure by the international community. End summary. Statements of Support Appear Hollow ----------------------------------- ¶2. (SBU) In a July 23 meeting in Dubai with Somalia Unit Poloff, Puntland President Abdirahman Mohammed Mohamud "Faroole" appeared to back away from his earlier support for closer cooperation with the Transitional Federal Government (TFG). "Faroole's" statements of support for the TFG appeared especially hollow against the backdrop of his criticism of TFG leadership during the July 23 meeting and his reluctance to commit to meet with TFG President Sheikh Sharif Sheikh Ahmed. "Faroole" told us that a proposed August meeting with President Sharif was under consideration but that nothing had been agreed. (Note: Contacts, including TFG Prime Minister Sharmarke and Somali Ambassador to Kenya "Americo," have told us that "Faroole" had agreed to an early-August meeting in order to discuss the deployment of Ethiopian-trained troops from Puntland to Mogadishu in support of the TFG. TFG and business community contacts indicated that a major sticking point of this proposal was where the talks would take place. Many TFG leaders viewed "Faroole's" efforts to secure a third-country venue as a ploy by "Faroole" to position himself as President Sharif's equivalent.) "Faroole" said that he supported the TFG, but had little confidence in either the TFG President or Prime Minister because of their lack of experience. ¶3. (SBU) As he has in other conversations, "Faroole" remained skeptical of the TFG's commitment to federalism. He fingered TFG Deputy Prime Minister Sharif Hassan as an obstacle to Puntland - southern Somalia relations, and cited the process used to expand the TFG parliament as an example. "Faroole," who views Somali politics through a Darod/Harti clan lens, insisted that the Alliance for the Re-liberation of Somalia (ARS) should have consulted Puntland during the Djibouti process about the Darod/Harti representatives it added to the expanded parliament. (Note: It is difficult to overstate the degree to which "Faroole" interprets events in the light of clan politics. The Puntland President devoted almost an hour of his meeting with Somalia Unit Poloff to a "history" of the Darod/Harti settlement of Mogadishu. His version of events is accepted by no historian or analyst of Somalia.) Resource Control A Key Issue ---------------------------- ¶4. (SBU) Control of Puntland's resources will most likely be one of the greatest hurdles to closer Puntland - southern Somalia cooperation. One example: "Faroole" expressed frustration with his inability to gain access to Italian funds outside of central TFG mechanisms. "Faroole" alleged that the TFG Prime Minister and President had told the Italians that resources intended for Puntland must be coordinated by the TFG. "Faroole" told Poloff that he did not trust the TFG to distribute funds: "am I supposed to ask Sharif's permission for every little thing?" he asked. "Faroole," via a K Street lobbying firm he has hired to represent Puntland, is using resource disputes to defend his unwillingness to talk to TFG officials. One protracted issue remains oil contracts in Puntland. Several TFG contacts tell us the TFG is willing to negotiate a percentage of any potential profits from Puntland oil exploration if "Faroole" will agree to honor oil contracts that pre-date the Somali NAIROBI 00001604 002 OF 002 civil war. "Faroole," however, claimed he had the right to negotiate new contracts directly with foreign companies. Similar issues were raised over Puntland's alleged right to directly export livestock to Saudi Arabia. "Faroole" and the Puntland Development Office; Full Court Press -------------------------------------- ¶5. (SBU) "Faroole" is increasingly seeking legitimacy as a President in his own right. He requests presidential-level protocol in his international dealings and often attempts to broker international agreements outside TFG channels. The TFG Consul General in Dubai told us that "Faroole" had requested and was refused presidential treatment and protocol by the UAE government during a recent visit to Dubai. Additionally, the Puntland Development Office was attempting to convince the World Bank and African Development Organization leaders to visit Puntland August 1 - 4 as part of a Puntland-only "re-engagement" strategy. The Puntland Development Office contacted Poloff, shortly after the June 23 meeting to make an "official request" for the USG to re-deploy one of its warships closer to the Puntland coast. When Poloff suggested that "Faroole" speak to President Sharif about the issue, the Puntland Development Organization representative replied that it would be very "difficult" for "Faroole" to do so because of the tension surrounding livestock exports. Comment ------- ¶6. (SBU) While "Faroole" and his administration have made some positive steps in governance, such as agreeing to NGO-led mediation on some contentious points during the Constitutional drafting process, and have on occasion made overtures to the TFG, we believe that these small steps are the result of pressure by the international community. We will continue to encourage "Faroole" to meet with Sheikh Sharif, preferably in Somalia, to discuss issues of security cooperation and resource control. Additionally, we predict sustained pressure on "Faroole" will be necessary to ensure momentum toward a national referendum of the new Puntland constitution (reftel), an issue "Faroole" was already backing away from during the July 23 meeting. SLUTZ


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