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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Kenya, Ethiopia vow to enhance regional security

Thursday, November 22, 2012
Kenya and Ethiopia on Wednesday reaffirmed their commitment to work closely in tackling terrorism, piracy, human trafficking and other organized crimes that continue to pose a challenge to security and peace in the region.
In a communique issued after holding bilateral talks with visiting Ethiopian Prime Minister Hailemariam Dessalegn in Nairobi, President Mwai Kibaki said the two governments are also working together to eradicate any form of threats to stability of the region and the horn of Africa.
"The two leaders reiterated their commitment to safeguarding security, common values and other fundamental interests of the region and reaffirmed their resolve to jointly address the other challenges to peace and stability in the region, including drought and climate change, terrorism, piracy, human and drug trafficking, as well as other organized crimes," they said.
The Ethiopian PM arrived in Nairobi for a 2-day visit aimed at boosting ties between the two countries.
During the Wednesday talks, the two leaders applauded efforts by border administrators of Kenya and Ethiopia for their effective management of the various challenges around the common frontier and observed with satisfaction that the ongoing joint efforts to inspect and restore boundary beacons are proceeding successfully.
President Kibaki and Dessalegn welcomed the good progress that has been made in establishing the Joint Committees to realize the road and rail transport agreements.
Kibaki described the visit by the Ethiopian prime minister as historic and an exceptional opportunity for the two countries to consolidate and strengthen their longstanding strategic partnership.
The Kenyan and Ethiopian leaders welcomed the ongoing joint efforts to inspect and restore boundary beacons saying appropriate measures were being initiated to guide the exploitation and conservation of shared trans-boundary resources.
The leaders reviewed the progress made by the African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM) and noted with satisfaction that this successful operation had provided a unique opportunity to put an end to years of conflict and instability in the region.
"The destiny of Somalia rests first and foremost, in the hands of the Somali people themselves. We reiterate our commitment to continue working closely in supporting the government and people of Somalia in their quest for lasting peace and stability," they said.
"In this regard they hailed the recent political developments in Somalia culminating in the formation of a new government and commended the Somalia President Sheikh Ahmed Mohamoud and his government for the progress made so far in restoring stability to Somalia."
The Horn of African nation has been undergoing a peace and national reconciliation process after decades of factional fighting and lawlessness, with a series of landmark steps in recent months that have helped to bring an end to the country's political transition period.
These steps included the adoption of a Provisional Constitution, the establishment of a new Parliament and the appointments of a new president and a new prime minister.
Both Kibaki and Dessalegn also reiterated their commitment to continue working closely together in support the Government and People of Somalia in their quest for lasting peace and stability.
"In this respect, the two principals agreed to keep working closely, and in coordination with the Government of the Federal Republic of Somalia, towards the full implementation of the IGAD grand stabilization strategy because it is inclusive, takes cognizance of the key actors on the ground and is in line with the provisions of the Federal Constitution of Somalia," they said.
The two East African leaders called on the international community to work in concert with the region towards the realization of this effort.
According to the communique, both parties reiterated their deep concern over emerging reports indicating that destabilization activities against Somalia from within the region had not ceased.

The two leaders reiterated the commitment of their two countries to continue collaborating closely in strengthening IGAD, which has become a valuable institution for addressing regional challenges.
"Recalling decisions of IGAD, AU and US both principals underscored their readiness to take necessary measures to insulate Somalia from spoilers, and protect their troops and countries from any terrorist activities," they said.
They reiterated the readiness of their governments to take all measures in line with IGAD decisions relating to this issue in order to safeguard the political process from being derailed.
The president and the prime minister also exchanged views on the recent conflict between Sudan and South Sudan and underscored the need for the two neighbors to respect the agreements signed following recent negotiations.
The two leaders, on that note, urged the two countries to resolve all outstanding issues within the time frame given by the African Union Peace and Security Council.


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