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Thursday, July 12, 2012

UNPOS DSRSG Peter de Clercq discusses the Technical Selection Committee from Mogadishu

Over the last few days, much of my time has been spent facilitating the standing up of the Technical Selection Committee (TSC) for the selection of the National Constituent Assembly and the National Federal Parliament. 

The TSC was expressly created to provide quality control to the political selection process of the three most important bodies in recent Somali history: the council of traditional elders, which provides the names of candidates for the Constituent Assembly and Parliament; the National Constituent Assembly, which will approve the provisional Constitution; and the National Federal Parliament which will govern this country for the next four years until Somalia has universal, popular elections. 

This independent committee has the essential task of communicating with the public and thus ensuring credibility, transparency and integrity of the process. This will allow Somalis inside and outside the country to put their faith in the process and will build confidence that their future representatives were selected based on objective criteria.

As I leave Mogadishu for a few days before returning to support the process, I’m buoyed, energized and inspired by the motivation of our Somali colleagues in the TSC, many of whom have left their comfortable lives in North America, Europe and Australia to come home and contribute to the political future of their country. 

These women and men from the diaspora are doing so at great risks to themselves and at great personal expense, leaving behind well paid jobs and secure living environments. They believe that Somalia is at a cross-roads, and that their contribution and commitment can and will make a difference at this defining moment. I’m invigorated being part of such an experience. It is this commitment and momentum that will take us forward. It is a sign of stability and, I hope, will signal a turning point in this torn and devastated country. 

Source: United Nations


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