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Saturday, January 7, 2012

What is Exactly the Fight against the Speaker?

Somalia has been in a permanent vegetative state for over 20 years and every time when a minor vital sign emerges, there are those who regularly fight to remove the life support and drain the little oxygen in the brain. Amusingly, all the time there are new fights and newer issues that consume the public, and polarize the transitional federal institution (TFI) to make any meaningful progress towards peace and stability in Somalia. 

At the moment Somalia is consumed by the enduring disagreement between the speaker Hon. Sharif Hassan and some members of the parliament. With all the public suffering that has affected the entire nation, members of the parliament seem to have no compassion as they continue to squander time, energy and resources to overthrow the speaker.

Every reasonable person would acknowledge that Somalia cannot afford 550 parliamentarians predominantly made up of warlords, anarchist, and individuals with self interest. Credit really should go to where it belongs. The speaker was the only one who has granted relative stability of the TFI by carefully managing the spoilers of peace for the past few years.

The opposition against Hon. Sharif Hassan is united to reverse the course the UN and the international community is taking to end the transitional period and establish a solid institution that is capable of serving the needs of the Somali public. About five months ago Hon. Sharif Hassan was cherished by the same members of the parliament when he managed to sign an extension of the TFI period for another year. Now they see him as their adversary as he supports the final execution of the roadmap.

In a fairly democratic system a speaker of the house can be removed from his office provided there is clear evidence that he has mismanaged the office or committed a crime or treason. Beside the usual hearsay games of the Somali Fadhi-kudiri which are often unreliable, and insincere, there is no evidence to show the speaker has done anything illegal. Indeed the speaker is a highly reliable and has good intentions to help the country move forward to the right direction. He has demonstrated to be the only trustworthy partner that the international community has within the Somali leadership.

To better comprehend this conflict it is important to grasp the mentality of those who are dreaming to dig the grave of the speaker. Their motive is simple, and it is merely personal interest. They are shouting and chanting, “What is there for me if the roadmap is implemented”? Nothing more, nothing less and thus the only choice left for them are to do what they know best, which is building roadblocks better known as Isbaaro. The political plot is also wished-for to derail the international initiatives to end up the anarchy. As a great portion of the public is confused and extremely frustrated, building roadblocks usually attracts a lot of attention. The cement, water, sand and the bricks required for the roadblock can be easily obtained by fabricating tribal and/or false nationalistic agendas. For the past 30 years the supporters of any renegade team in the country have always acted as blind and mindless. The opposition against the speaker is nothing different.

Somalia has turned into a country where there is no room for rationale thinking; where warmongers can fabricate stories and where the brain function is distorted to reject anything useful. Enemies of yesterday are friends of today and nobody even bothers to say hey what is wrong with all of us? Conflicts change human behavior; it is certain that the spoilers’ brains are infected by a computer virus that targets and deletes positive behavior.

Before we waste time and energy on who is right and who is wrong in this conflict, few questions must be asked? What value does it add to remove the speaker from his office when a new speaker will be elected in July 2012? Are we to believe that the members of the parliament have suddenly decided to fix things? This phantasm initiative spearheaded by the spoilers of peace and anarchists is a political strategy aimed to disrupt the roadmap. It is an old ploy that will always be there when certain groups feel their future is threatened. The enemy of the speaker is the same united group that was chanting hurrah Sharif Hassan about five years ago. This simply highlights that the speaker is a strong man who cannot be manipulated and pressured. It is essential to disclose that the speaker signed the death certificates for the 550 parliamentarians and locked them in a box when they approved the Kampala accord. Wake up guys, the Kampala accord calls for no motion and you (parliamentarians) made it into a law. Blame yourselves, not his Excellency, Mr. Sharif Hassan. Good job, Mr. Speaker, you earned my support.
 Omar Ali Muse


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