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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

British delegation discusses plan for conference

A delegation from the UK visited Mogadishu on Monday ahead of a major conference set for London in February to discuss problems facing the horn of Africa country.

Led by Britain’s high representative to Somalia Mr Matt Baugh, the delegation held talks with Somalia’s President Sheikh Sharif Ahmed, Prime Minister Abdiweli Mohamed and ousted Speaker Sheikh Adan.

The delegation discussed the situation in Somalia and how the British government could help the Transitional Federal Government stabilise Somalia.

Also discussed are piracy, humanitarian and political issues.

British prime minister David Cameron last year announced London will host Somalia conference, adding that Britain is committed to helping Somalia’s Transitional Federal Government pacify the nation.

The delegation denied an al Qaeda operative killed by US drone last week was a British citizen.
The delegation invited Somalia’s President and PM to the London conference.

Somalia MP Awad Ahmed Ashareh said in a meeting with Sheikh Adan it was agreed that the country’s national budget, transition road map and issues discussed in a meeting in Garowe, Puntland were to be passed in Parliament.

Mr Ashareh said 277 MPs who met in Parliament in Mogadishu on Monday for prayers were sceptical with UK’s seriousness in bringing peace to the country and the agenda of London conference.

“We want representatives from China, Russia, Islamic and Arab world to be also invited to the conference. There should be prior consultations before such meetings. We don’t want dictatorship. Some countries are claiming to practice democracy yet they want to keep Somalia under dictatorship by working with leaders who have been rejected by majority,” Mr Ashareh said.

Mr Ashareh said leaders involved in killings in Somalia, whether they were Somalis or foreigners should face charges in the International Criminal Court.

Mr Ashareh questioned why foreign countries were spending billions of shillings in patrolling Somalia waters instead of helping in establishment of Somalia marine forces and central the Transitional Federal Government administration.

Source: Daily Nation


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