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Friday, December 30, 2011

Saudi forces kill more than 22 Somali refugees in Saudi - Yemen border


December 30, 2011

Saudi security forces opened fire killing twenty two Somali asylum seekers fleeing the violence in Somalia on Thursday.

The Somalis were initially from Somalia and has went to Yemen but were displaced due to the ongoing clashes in Sanaa and Taiz that forced them to flee to neighboring Saudi.

Leader of the Somali Saudi Diaspora Ali Jeyte Gesey speaking to the Somali service of Voice Of America said that they have the names of the people who were killed by the security forces with many of the bodies placed in refrigerators.

The Gulf of Aden remains one of the deadliest routes for those fleeing conflicts, violence and human rights abuses in the Horn of Africa.

Earlier this year more than 89 people have drowned or disappeared this year in waters between Somalia and Yemen.  


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