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Friday, November 25, 2011

Will Someone Remove Denmark off the Way? Asks the Roadmap For Freedom and Peace on the Horn of Africa

By A. Hussein Mohamed, Amiirdaldoon, Denmark: , 25.11.11


It will be understandable if you find it difficult to believe that Denmark, which is by many known to be a supporter of liberty and respect for human rights at Global village level, has since 1980 been blocking the above stated Roadmap. If your difficulties will be
understandable, then you should also give a chance to the opposite of your previous image of Denmark. The reason is that there is a proverb which says “if you meet a man who has been stabbed and got his stomach out, do not side with him till you meet the other”. Second, there is no doubt that colonialists and neo-colonialists may be so tactful that they assign less known agents for their colonial schemes and projects, so that there is less vigilance against them.

The above stated Roadmap was first put forward in 1980 to about 200 sources of all kinds. It received the support in principle of the UNESCO’s division of peace and human rights already in 1982 expressing that it would conduct a voting for its being financed with an auspices under which the research, as it was named at that time, would be conducted. Most probably due to that support, both Denmark and USA did in that year threaten with a withdrawal from the organization as protest.

The research/Roadmap was and still is proposing the re-unification of the Somali Nation and then creating an Open Horn Common Market for the Somalis and its neighbors for all to fish and farm.
Not only that, but Denmark became extremely unsafe for the researcher of the project and the authorities flatly refused to give any interest in the security of the researcher of such important project which could have saved the lives of millions on the Horn of Africa. Not only that, but this attitude of Denmark was according to knowledgeable intellectuals a partner of a conference in Lund, Sweden, in 1976, the theme of which was the strategy which should already be ready in time by the time the Somali Republic would be demolished and dismantled getting the citizens dispersed all over the world including Scandinavia.

Still up to the present day, apart from the fact that the beneficiaries of the Roadmap for full freedom, peace and respect for human rights on the Horn of Africa region are all so victimized to the extent we all know, the researcher is still being held as a hostage by technological pirates on behalf of a gang of colonialists, old and new. Still, Danish authorities have no interest in this public piracy and hostage case while it sends navy and air force to the simple pirates of the Horn. This is indeed a prove for Denmark’s colonial interest in the Horn of Africa particularly Somalia and its clear support for Christian neighbors of the Somali nation who anyway have indeed been enslaved for enslaving the Somalis, the result being that all citizens of the region remain equally miserable.

Denmark needs to have an honesty friend who can advise her to get off the way of this Roadmap and take the responsibility for the security of the researchers and supporters of the Roadmap, and instead, support the peace project with part of the huge investment in combating the simple and willfully produced so called Somali pirates

For more about the Roadmap and these freely operating pirates, please visit the sites: and .


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