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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Somali Region: UWSLF is Hunting Down the Religious Leaders Who Resist Wahabism

Abdi Mohamud Omar, the President of the Somali Regional State, Ethiopia (SRS), is behaving like the famous America’s “Wild-Wild-West”. One day he urges for the people of the Somali Region to work with him towards peace and stability. Next day, he encourages, or in fact personally orders the detention of the most peaceful elements in the whole society—the religious figures in the region. This arbitrary dete
ntion of the religious community leaders and deformation of Islamic religion by Ibrahin Dheere and his Doha based al-Itixad members are the two biggest threats faced by the people of region-five, today.

Ibrahin Dheer (UWSLF/al-Itixad)

Such an extrajudicial arrest was more evident, when on August, 02, 2011, heavily armed members of the New Police, with representatives of Ibrahin Dheere’s al-Itixad sect led by the new governor of Wardheer region stormed into the biggest mosque in the City of Wardheer, where they claimed to have acted on the news that the mosque’s Imam had resisted to celebrate EID. The Imam, witnesses say, stated that it’s imperative to sight the moon in order to either commence fasting, or celebrate EID-al-FITR at beginning of the month of Shawwal, and this is according the Hadith of the Prophet, “Start the fasting by sighting the crescent moon (of Ramadhan) and stop fasting by sighting the crescent moon (of Shawwal).” Unfortunately, the Imam’s reference of the Hadith felt into deaf ears, and instead was thrown into jail with ten of his collogues.

On the other hand, due to the assertive behavior by the al-Itixad organization, also known as “UWSLF”, into the religious affairs of the Somali region, Mr. Abdi’s administration made an illegal arrest against two senior officials of the religious body “Majlis Aclaa”. Sheekh Nadir who was recently kidnapped from his residence in Addis Ababa was sentenced for eight-years in prison, while Sheekh Axmednur, the former chairman of Majlis Aclaa, was handed a staggering twenty-years in prison. Many in the region, including politicians and traditional elders, blame this immoral campaign against the well-respected religious figures on Ibrahin Dheere and his al-Itixad crones.

Abdi Illeey iyo Ibrahin Dheere
UWSLF shares more in common with al-Shabaab, and or, al-Qaeda than the people of the Somali Regional State, who are known for their traditional Islamic teachings of Qadriya of Ahl-Sunna. It is not a secret that al-Itixad brought a new version of “Islam” from the Middle East, particularly Saudi Arabia’s Wahabi version. And it is also known that it was/is the Qadiriya who prevented Wahabism to spread among the Somali people, particularly those in the Somali region. Since their return to the public-square, UWSLF began to topple the very religious figures who warned the intentions of Wahabiya, or those who want to spread Wahabism in the region from positions of authority. And it’s because of this reason that Mr. Abdi’s administration has illegally jailed Sheekh Nadiir and Shekh Axmed, and still hunting down some of other trusted religious members among the Somalis in the Kilil5.

Madaxda ururka UWSLF/al-Itixaad oo Jigjiga ku Shiraya
According to recent report by the News Business Ethiopia, a high level government official was quoted saying “We have found evidences and pamphlets were publicly distributed during the month of Ramadan calling on the Muslim community to stand up against all non- Wahabi Muslims and other religion followers,”. Wahabi extrmist’s invassion of mosques is, not only troubling, but noted by the Minister of Federal Affaris, Shiferaw Teklemariam, “Wahabi extremists have been invading mosques in the country with causing violence that resulted in death and injuries of other non- Wahabi Muslims sect followers, according to the minister, who mentioned the crisis witnessed in Harar, Gimma, Wellega, Illubabor and Bale areas of the country over the past years.

In conclusion, Abdi Illey needs to understand that he is feeding the dog which will bite him when his turn comes—unfortunately, his turn is just around the corner. It is Dalkayaga News Online’s position to support peace and tranquility, not only in the Somali Regional State, but throughout the region. But, unlike Abdi Illey, this editorial believes peace can’t co-exist with the violent ideology of Wahabism which is being represented in Jigjiga by UWSLF. Therefore, it is high time for all sensible political figures and religious leaders in the region to stand up against UWSLF and its teachings, which encourages division and ultimately suicide bombing and other inhumane activities seen in neighboring Somalia. Islam is religion of peace; therefore, we shouldn’t let it be deformed and, or misused by a few radical elements among our society.

Dalkayaga News Online


  • Anonymous says:
    October 13, 2011 at 8:30 PM

    Thank you, Dalkayaga News Online for shedding a light on UWSLF and their allies in the region.

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