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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Athletic, Muslim, Fashionable - a Tale of the Sports Hijab

Athletic, Muslim, Fashionable - a Tale of the Sports Hijab Olympic hopeful, 17-year-old Zeinab Hammoud Tala Hadavi | Montreal VOA News Aug 26, 2011 Female Muslim athletes who observe a strict Islamic dress code sometimes face the question of whether they will be allowed to participate in major competitions -- with their heads and most of their bodies covered. Now, one Iranian-Canadian woman is marketing a product to change that. It complies with the requirements of many major sports, and it’s fashionable, safe and comfortable -- while still meeting Islamic requirements. An Olympic hopeful faces a small obstacle Seventeen-year-old Zeinab Hammoud has a brown belt in Taekwondo, and dreams of one day making it to the Olympics. But unlike her sister, Rana, Zeinab chooses to wear the Islamic headscarf, or hijab. This became a problem four years ago. The team’s hard work, passion and hopes were dashed when the Taekwondo Federation of Quebec expelled them from a tournament in 2007. The reason: their hijabs were considered unsafe. “I was really disappointed because I trained really hard for that tournament. When I found out we were expelled I lost all my motivation to continue,” Hammoud said. Read the complete story at VOA News


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