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Friday, July 8, 2011

Somalia's Puntland region seeks to host national conference


July 8, 2011
Puntland regional administration has called on the Somali people to facilitate for it to host the national consultation conference expected to be held in the country.

Some officials of Puntland have spoken about the planned conference, which would bring together officials of the Transitional Federal Government [TFG] and regional administrations in the country.

The Puntland's minister of interior and security, Abdullahi Jama'a Ilka-jiir, addressed the residents of Garoowe, capital of Puntland, asked the Somali people to respect Puntland's ambition to host the conference, adding that the regional administration is capable of holding the conference.

He said if the request is accepted, Puntland would ensure that the security of the conference venue and other parts of the regional administration.

The minister asked TFG's president, Shaykh Sharif Shaykh Ahmad, not to oppose if Puntland is agreed to host the conference, adding that the president could come with AU peacekeepers in case he doubts Puntland's security situation.

The call by Puntland regional administration comes at a time when consultation conference is expected to held in the country, whose venue remains unclear, although some TFG officials have in the past said that it would be held in Mogadishu.


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