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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Nearly 5 Somalis shot dead in Mozambique border


July 27, 2011
The security forces of Mozambique have shot and killed at least 4 Somalis while crossing country’s border, witnesses said on Wednesday.

Mohamed Omar, Somali citizen in Tanzania, told Shabelle that Somali young guys had been trying to illegally cross Tanzania-Mozambique.
But he noted they fell into hands of Mozambique’s security after disembarked a boat.

They were en-route to South Africa to get a better life than they had in war torn horn of Africa nation.

The forces of Mozambique are said to have tortured and treated Somali immigrants badly. After the guys tried to escape the soldiers shot them killing 4 of them.

The immigrants sent back to Tanzania naked, according Omar. He noted that Tanzanian border guards captured and gave them some cloths, adding that they had been sent to a jail.

He mentioned he had visited them at the jail and said 230 Somali prisoners including the newly arrested ones.

Eventually, Mr. Omar called for Somali government to contact Tanzania and facilitate secure Somali prisoners’ release.


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