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Friday, July 1, 2011

Kenyan president urges African leaders to ensure lasting peace in Somalia, Sudan

Daily Nation

July 1, 2011
President [Mwai] Kibaki has urged African leaders to consolidate their efforts towards ensuring lasting peace and stability in the Sudan and Somalia.

The president also emphasised that the AU Assembly of Heads of State and Government should take measures to ensure that other international actors, particularly the UN Security Council, are responsive to the African perspectives on conflict resolution, peacemaking and sustainable development.

He noted that the recent agreements in the Sudan offer opportunity for the youth to focus their attention to growth and development, adding that the Kampala Accord provides a new window to engage the people of Somalia in dialogue towards stability and the completion of the transitional tasks.

"All these agreements require the solid support of this Assembly and the larger international community to avoid relapse of violence and the trapping of youngsters in war," President Kibaki said.

President Kibaki was speaking during the 17th Ordinary Session of the Assembly of Heads of State and Government of the African Union (AU) in Malabo, Equatorial Guinea.

On youth empowerment, the president said Africa holds a range of opportunities for youth empowerment that need to be unleashed.

"This summit needs to reaffirm our commitment to our shared values as enshrined in the African Youth Charter and agree on ways to enhance cooperation among our governments and other actors to fast track youth empowerment for sustainable development," President Kibaki said.

In this regard, President Kibaki said Kenya has taken various measures to empower the youth.

He pointed out that Kenya's new constitution guarantees participation by the youth in socio-economic and political arenas.

President Kibaki said that the Constitution is further reinforced by the Kenya government's commitment to the country's development blueprint, Vision 2030, which has identified flagship projects to integrate the youth in development activities.

The president added that Kenya's National Youth Policy provides a clear framework for harnessing youth potential through specific programmes.

"Current targets include creation of 500,000 jobs annually countrywide through national youth service initiatives that offer employment in public community development projects such as a re-forestation and road construction," President Kibaki said.

The head of state observed that the his government has also extended credit through the Youth Enterprise Development Fund for entrepreneurship and skill training activities.

In this connection, President Kibaki reiterated that Africa stands to gain by adopting strategies that transform the large populations of youth into catalysts for economic growth.

"The empowerment of the African youth is directly linked to some discussions that have taken place during this summit," President Kibaki said.

President Kibaki pointed out that Africa's transition to the green economy and the urgency to establish appropriate international environmental governance structures are core to facilitating opportunities for youth empowerment.

On environmental conservation, President Kibaki said Kenya has co-sponsored a proposal by the Republic of Congo on Rio +20 that is geared towards the promotion of green economy in the context of institutional framework for sustainable development.

The proposal received overwhelming support during earlier discussions on the sidelines of the summit.

In this regard, President Kibaki urged African leaders to support the strengthening of UNEP in Nairobi with a view to transforming it into a specialized environmental agency of the UN that will have a clear mandate and established financing mechanism.

"A strong UNEP or specialized agency in Nairobi will also be of great pride and importance not only to Africa but the developing world as a whole," President Kibaki said.

The head of state pointed out that as a member of the Committee of 10 on Climate Change, Kenya believes that the Climate Change meeting (COP 17) that will be held in Durban, South Africa must seek to achieve support for adaptation and the development of clean energy in Africa.

Speaking during the summit, Equatorial Guinea President Obianga Nguema Mbasogo, who is the chairman of the African Union, expressed satisfaction that the parties involved in the conflict of Sudan and Somalia have accepted the negotiated solutions.

President Nguema, therefore, appealed to them to respect the terms of the agreements.

Other speakers included AU Commission chairman Jean Ping, UN Deputy Secretary-General Asha-Rose Migiro and former Brazilian President Lula Da Silva.

President Kibaki was accompanied at the summit by cabinet ministers George Saitoti, Paul Otuoma and Wycliffe Oparanya and Assistant minister Richard Onyonka and Ramadhan Kajembe.


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