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Monday, June 27, 2011

SOMALIA: Bari governor quits amid growing insecurity in Puntland

By: Malyun Ali

June 27, 2011

Sheikh Abihafid Ali Yusuf, The governor of Bari region in Somalia’s semi-autonomous state of Puntland has resigned from his post after his region experiences growing insecurity.

Sheikh Abdihafid, former cleric in Puntland confirmed that he has left the office a week after rumors said that the governor was intending to defect from the administration.

“I wrote my resignation letter to the president, and I wish he has accepted” the resigned governor told reporters in Bosasso.

There had been escalating insecurity in the region which some believe that may have brought the governor’s resignation.

On Saturday two beheaded bodies of Puntland security soldiers were found near the commercial port town of Bosasso. Officials blamed Islamist rebels may have killed the soldiers.



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