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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Somali civil society divided over Kampala Accord

June 16, 2011

Officials of Somali political parties as well as representatives of various sections of the population have held a meeting in Mogadishu in which they asked the public to support the outcome of the recently concluded Kampala talks.

Officials of the Somali Peace and Democratic Party, The Somali Women's Council for Peace as well as Somali interllectuals have today held a meeting to discuss the situation in the country and the outcome of the recently concluded Kampala talks between top Transitional Federal Government of Somalia [TFG] officials.

After the meeting, the participants released a press statement in which they called upon top three TFG officials and the international community to jointly implement the outcome of the Kampala talks. They also called for an end to the demonstrations in Mogadishu in support of Prime Minister Muhammad Abdullahi Farmajo.

The press statement which was read to the media by the deputy chairman of the Somali Peace and Democratic Party, Abdullahi Shaykh Dahir, also urged the armed forces to continue defending the country despite the political stalemate, adding that they should separate themselves from politics.

The deputy chairman of the Peace and Democratic Party, Abdullahi Shaykh Hasan, has said he welcomes the agreement between top TFG officials in Kampala and said it needs to be implemented in order to find a solution to the political conflict that has marred the country.

Also addressing the media was the chairwoman of the Somali Women's Council for Peace, Hawo Ali Mursal, who said they were disappointed by the violent demonstrations that have been taking place in Mogadishu in recent days. She said these demonstrations have caused losses to the civilian population and called for their end.

Meanwhile, the Islah [religious] group has also issued a press statement in which they opposed the Kampala agreement, saying that it was opposed to the unity of the Somali people. The group, however, said they are in support of the extension of the TFG term in office by one year.

The chairman of the Islah group, Usman Ibrahim Ahmad, has said senior TFG officials need to heed the calls of the people and listen to the demands being made.



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