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Sunday, May 22, 2011

SOMALIA: MP- Discussions between TFG leaders failed

By: Abdalle Ahmed

May 22, 2011

MOGADISHU (RBC) Somalia parliament member Omar Islow has announced on Saturday that close talks between Somalia president Sheikh Sharif Sheikh Ahmed and the parliament speaker Sharif Hassan amid resolving their disagreement failed, RBC Radio reports.

“There had been consultation talks between Somalia president and the speaker in the past two days, I want declare here that the talks failed and ended without any result” Omar Islow who is also close assistant to speaker told reporters at press conference in Mogadishu late on Saturday.

He said the discussions which were held in presidential office aimed to determine the widening row between the president and the speaker over the extension of parliament mandate and the election date that was disagreed between them.

“The president suggested to delay once again the election date until next year, and that was really rebuffed by the speaker” Mr. Islow added.

The comment from Mr. Omar Islow came following bitter disagreement between the two former fellows over the presidential election time.

On February the speaker endorsed parliament’s extension mandate of three years while the president rejected.



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