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Monday, May 30, 2011

NUSOJ's General Assembly concludes with National Action Plan

May 30, 2011
The National Union of Somali Journalists' General Assembly was concluded at the Ambassador Hotel on Sunday 29 May, 2011in Mogadishu, Somalia. The NUSOJ's GA is the fourth Assembly of the union and is held once every three years. During the General Assembly's two day meeting, The delegates adopted a comprehensive Action plan, amended the constitution and election the union officials.

The delegates discussed plans and way forward for the union during the General Assembly, which is the union's supreme decision making body with 70 delegates from the NUSOJ's regional branches, representing respective members voted proposed constitutional amendments and adopted a national strategic and policy development plan for the next three years which among other include labor rights campaign, planned to strengthen the capacity of the union, advocate and protect the rights of the journalists in the outlets and recruit young journalist, and create chapels in each media station in the country and start negotiations with the media outlets to get collective agreements.

The delegates also vehemently endorsed motions on enhancing professional knowledge of the Somali journalists, labour rights campaigns, empowering women in the participation of union leadership, peace reporting, press freedom campaign in the transitional federal institutions and regional administrations, empowering the union's regional branches and safety and solidarity of journalists.

The general assembly also elected national officers, which is one of the primary responsibilities of the Assembly. The General assembly adopted electoral committee who preceded the elections and observers from the Somali Civil Society Organizations and government representatives were also present. The electoral committee was composed of:

1. Eng. Siidow - Chairman of Wanlaweyn Human Rights - Chair

2. Ibrahim Mohamed Jeekey, Director of Universal Television, Mogadishu office - Member

3. Abwaan Osman Abdullahi Guure, Chairman of Somali Think Tank group (poets) - Member

4. Malyun Sheik Haidar - Editor of Deggan Press - Member

And after the election contest completed and the Electoral commission announced the final results as follows:


1. Mr. Burhaan Ahmed Daahir - President of the Supreme Council

2. Mr. Muktar Mohamed Atosh - First Deputy Vice president

3. Mr. Suleiman Sheik Ismail - Second Deputy Vice president

4. Mrs. Habibo Ahmed Jimale (Biibto) - Third Deputy vice president


1. Mr. Mohamed Ibrahim - Secretary General

2. Mr. Abdirashid Abdulle Abikar - Treasurer

3. Mrs. Udbi Suleiman Mahdi - Gender Secretary

4. Mr. Abdalla Ahmed Moumin - Information and Human Rights Secretary

5. Mr. Mohamed Garane Adam - Training Secretary

6. Mr. Mohamed Abukar - Labor Secretary

7. Amin Yusuf Khasaro - Organizing Secretary

8. Luul Hussein Elmi - Organizing Secretary.

9. Mohamed Shaqale Anshur - Public Relations Secretary

The heads of the regional branches were also elected.


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