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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Somalia sets registration ultimatum for energy, mineral agencies


March  17, 2011

APA-Mogadishu-(Somalia) Somalia’s transitional federal government on Wednesday set an ultimatum for companies and organizations working in the water, minerals and energy to register.

The Somali government Minister for Water, Minerals and Energy Abdirisak Sheik Mohiyadin told reporters in Mogadishu on Wednesday that the government will take tough measures against mining, water and energy concerns who fail to comply with this call.

“We are not talking about only foreign companies but also local companies who provide water or electricity to the people living in the whole of Somalia. The government demands that they register before the ultimatum expires” the minister said.

The registration process will start on March 20 and end on April 20th.

“I think that this is enough time for companies to comply giving those who refuse to comply no excuse to remain unregistered” the minister remarked.

“I know that more agencies and companies working in this sector are operating in regions that our government doesn’t control now—so I am telling them with a loud voice to abide by our call otherwise they will be subjected to the appropriate sanctions as soon as the government assumes control of those regions” he warned.

Somalia fell into anarchy in 1991 reducing successive governments with limited or no authority over large parts of the country.


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