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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Seven Somalis perish in road accident in Mozambique


March  31, 2011

Seven illegal immigrants from Somalia died in a road accident in the district of Guro, Manica, central Mozambique, state-controlled Radio Mozambique reported on Thursday citing police sources.

The seven foreigners, who according to police fled the Maratane refugee centre in the northern Nampula province, were travelling southwards towards the border of Kuchamano, in Tete province that links Mozambique and Zimbabwe.

"The seven immigrants were killed at the scene when their car's front tire burst at high speed. It was early, and they were trying to cross the border into Zimbabwe," police spokesman Belmiro Mutadiua is quoted by Radio Mozambique.

The number of survivors is yet to be verified as they are being treated at Guro district hospital while others were transferred to the Agricultural Prison of Chimoio, and then to central Maratane refugee camp, the police said.

Thousands of war fleeing Somali and Ethiopian refugees are crammed in the Maratane refugee camp before they sneak under cover of the night to reach South Africa, their last destination.


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