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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Kenyan police, Somali Al-Shabab militia clash in border town

Kenyan daily newspaper The Star

March  29, 2011

Sporadic gunfire caused panic in Liboi town [northeastern Kenya, near border with Somalia] on Sunday night when the police and Al-Shabab militia were engaged in a shoot-out. The police intercepted the militia-men before they could get into the town.

The Al-Shabab militia were escorting illegal Somali immigrants. Separate reports indicate that the militia crossed into Kenya on a revenge attack after they were repulsed by the GSU in Mandera following gun-fights between two rival clans in Somalia.

In the shoot-out that lasted an hour, a policeman was shot in the leg and rushed to Liboi hospital.

Northeastern PC [provincial commissioner] James Serian said it was not clear what the intentions of the militia group was, but was quick to add that after being overpowered by the Kenyan security officers, they fled back to Somalia.

The provincial boss further added that all the security officers in Liboi were safe and that they were ready for any eventuality.

"Our security personnel are on high alert and it is my appeal to the residents from the area to remain calm. There is no cause to worry because security in the area has been beefed up," the PC said.

Tension was still high in the town following the incident as residents kept away from the main business centre.

"We are appealing to the government to provide us with enough security because with these people, you never know when they will strike again," said Halima Ahmed, a resident of Liboi town.


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