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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Fifty said killed as drought bites in south-central Somalia region

Radio Banadir

March  29, 2011

Elders from Cadalle District in Somalia's southcentral region of Middle Shabeelle have said that "about 50 people have died due to the prevailing drought in the region", reports privately-owned Radio Banaadir.

These people "died in the last 48 hours and most of them are women and children"

Talking to the press while in Mogadishu, the secretary-general of the elders' council, Ahmad Hasan Qanyare, said most of the people died due to "famine, malnutrition and diseases that have broken out in the district and neighbouring villages", adds the source.

The elders have "appealed for emergency food aid" for drought victims in several parts of the region.


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