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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Press Release: SSC State of Somalia -Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Press Release The Transitional Federal Government of Somalia The United NationsThe European UnionThe Arab League of Nations Organization of Islamic ConferenceThe African UnionInter-Governmental Authority on Development (IGAD)The Somali Public in general.

We would like to bring to your attention to additional crimes againsthumanity committed by the militia of the so called Somalilandad ministration against innocent pastoral nomads near Kalshaale andurban civilians in Las Anod. These inhuman actions against SSC peoplehad been unremitting and continuous for over three years.
In thismonth alone, there were seven incidents. This proves Somaliland’searlier commitment of ethnic cleansing of non-Isaaq tribes in northSomalia. About three weeks ago Silanyo has issued a circular in whichhe decreed the confiscation of Kalshaale valley for military purposes.The SSC people are not part of Silanyo’s administration.
Therefore,this is bullying land from SSC regions and handing over to hissub-clan.Yesterday (30 January) Mr. Silanyo’s militia has attacked and overruna nomadic community near Kalshaale of Cayn region, killing four, takeneighteen hostages and wounding five, some very seriously.

Today (31January) civilians in Las Anod organized a peaceful demonstration inprotest against what the Isaaq militia did in Kalshaale. In reaction,the occupation militia used excessive force.

They outrageously firedon the crowd killing two, wounding eight and imprisoned more than 100innocent civilians including women and youth. Today we learned that the occupation forces have also attackedXarar-Daayeer and Waqdari, south of Las Anod.Moreover, internallydisplaced people fleeing from the hostilities are increasing innumbers.

The SSC administration condemns these inhuman engagements ofSilanyo administration against our people and request strenuous anddetermined support to prevent further annihilation in Sool, Sanaag andCayn.
We demand immediate national and international intervention to stoperadication of SSC people from their lands. We stipulate interventionfrom the international community and from Somali people in this graveand grim situation


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