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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Dozens of Somalis arrive in Yemen

Yemen News Agency (SABA)
January 11, 2011

About 51 Somalis including 19 women and 4 children have arrived at Rodoum coast, Shabwa, the Interior Ministry has reported.

The arrivals come as coastguards are continuing to recover bodies at Yemeni coasts after dozens of migrants went missing last week when their boats sank in bad weather off the country.

Two boats carrying almost 80 migrants, mostly Ethiopians, drowned in separate accidents, one off Lahj in the south and the second near Bab al Mandab straits in the Red sea. About five Somalis and Ethiopians survived, and more than two dozens of the bodies of the others have been recovered so far.

Migrants from African horn countries, mainly Somalia and Ethiopia, continue to defy death crossing the dangerous sea into Yemen, with many reported drowned and missing when overcrowded sink or when smugglers forces them to swim in deep water to Yemeni coast.

Yemen says the number of the Africans, who have already landed in its territory, exceeds one million people.


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