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Monday, January 31, 2011


On the Current Developments in Somalia,
The Assembly,

1. Welcomes the appointment of H.E Mohammed Abdullahi Mohammed as the Prime Minister of the TFG of Somalia and the formation of the new cabinet and assures its commitment and support.

2. Notes that the transitional period ends on 20 August 2011 and the Assembly reached a consensus on the urgent need to extend the term of the current Transitional Federal Parliament while the remaining political dispensation be handled by the people of Somalia.

3. Underlines the need for the new cabinet to take expeditious action and show
progress in the accomplishment of the remaining tasks of the transitional
period including the drafting and approval of the Constitution as well as
expanding the authority of the state, promoting the reconciliation process
and improving the livelihood of the population by providing essential

4. Calls upon IGAD, AU and UN to provide the necessary support and
assistance to the TFI’s as they embark upon the process to end the transition

5. Reiterates its call to the leadership of the TFG and Ahlu-Sunna Wal Jamaa
(ASWJ) to continue the full implementation the agreement entered into on
15 March 2010 in Addis Ababa and in particular strengthen their
cooperation in the security sector to enhance their resolve against the
terrorists and extremist forces. Further calls upon the TFG to strengthen its
ties and collaboration with Somaliland and Puntland authorities in order to
prevent the terrorist elements from infiltrating in the relatively peaceful
regions and cause more havoc and destruction.

6. Recalls the UNSC Resolution number 1964 (2010) of 22nd December 2010
on Somalia; and regrets that this resolution has only partially addressed the
request submitted to Council by the AUC on the increase in AMISOM’s
authorised strength from 8000 to 20,000, authorisation of an enhanced
support package for the Mission from UN assessed contribution, imposition
of a naval blockade and a no-fly zone over Somalia and effective
implementation of sanction on the spoilers.

7. Calls upon the AU PSC to hold a Special Summit before the end of March
2011 on resource mobilization for Somalia and to address issues not catered
for by the UNSC following the request of the AU PSC at its 245th meeting of
October 15, 2010.

8. Expresses its serious concern on the further escalation of attacks by the
extremist and terrorist groups on the TFG and AMISOM forces that cause
death and injury to civilian population especially in Mogadishu; and
reiterates its earlier calls to the international community to provide
adequate financial as well as military support to the TFG and AMISOM
forces to enable them provide protection to the civilian population, the TFG
institutions and government installations.

9. Emphasises the need to strengthen the national police and in this regard
commend IGAD Member Countries and the International Community for
providing financial and logistical support for the ongoing security forces
training. The Assembly acknowledges the limitations of the security forces
trainings held in different countries and urge that all future security trainings
be conducted inside Somalia.

10. Condemns most vehemently the barbaric acts and human rights abuse by
Al-Shabab on the civilian population (including extra-judicial executions,
torture, stoning, decapitation, amputation and floggings) and holds the
leaders of the terrorist group responsible for all the criminal acts committed
by their militia.

11. Notes with grave concern that the current drought in Somalia has further
exacerbated an already precarious humanitarian situation which is facing
increasing challenges because of the action by Al-Shabab that continues to
deny the needy segments of the population the badly required humanitarian
assistance; reiterates the readiness IGAD Member States to contribute their
share, mobilize the International Community and provide safe corridors for
humanitarian aid.


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