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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Somalia: Bomb explosion targeted at UNDP base in Mogadishu

A heavy bomb explosion had been targeted at the UNDP’s main base in Mogadishu, Somalia’s capital on Tuesday night causing unclasified casualties.

Three hand grenades had been thrown in to the compound which lieas near KM-4 junction where is guarded by the African Union troops [Amisom] in Mogadishu.

An eye-witness at the scene told RBC Radio that he heard small gun fire after the explosion occured, and he confirmed that some of the hand grenades had been targeted inside the compound where UNDP staff reside.

“we do not know whether some the staff are injured, but we had seen ambulance cars rushing to the compound just few minutes after the explosion”, an eye witness who named himself as Ali told RBC Radio.

The Amisom troops who were at that act any action when the explosion occured but the Somali government forces come at the scene and begun investigation.

No one still claims the responsibility of the explosion.



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