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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Somalia-based al Qaeda affiliate Al shabaab kills teenager in Somalia

MOGADISHU 0TF.ST0)-Al shabaab fighters in southrn Somalia shot and brutally killed a Somali teenager after cutting off his hair and badly treating him, witnesses said on Tuesday.

Witnesses told Shabell that the teenage boy was cut his hair by fighters of Al shabaab in KM 13 village just outside of the Somali capital Mogadishu, adding that they ordered him to collect his shaved air.

The boy not only refused to take the group’s order but also tried to escape and that brought about one of Al shabaab to intentionally open fire on the boy. Subsequently, he immediately died on the spot, according to local residents.

Locals reported the Al shabaab fighter, who committed the murder, walked from the scene fearlessly.

The body of the teenage boy was laying at spot for awhile. And later, some his relatives reached at the area and picked up his corpse.

The residents in KM 13, a shelter of thousands of displaced Somalis, expressed a deep anxiety for the arbitrary murder committed by Al shabaab.

In mid October, Four people have killed and more than 12 others injured as Hizbul Islam militants, whom dissolved to Al shabaab, opened fire in the Haradhere district in Somalia's Mudug region.

The death and injuries occurred when a group of people congregated and protested at a public square where the militants were beating the village’s teenagers.

Pregnant woman and children are among those killed.


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