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Monday, November 15, 2010

Ex London cab driver, at heart of Paul and Rachel Chandler's release, is a hero claim family

Monday, November 15, 2010
Dahir Kadiye, of Leytonstone is a native of Somalia. It has now been revealed that over a period of months he was visiting Somalia
in order to try and broker a deal to free Rachel and Paul Chandler. Travelling to his home town of Adado Mr Kadiye met with tribal elders and other officials in an attempt to free the captive couple.

In the end Mr Kadiye even went to the point where the Chandler's were to be released. He was accompanied this time by a party of elders and armed men. His brother has said that: “He sacrificed himself to go to this very dangerous area away from his wife and children. When I spoke to him at 3pm yesterday he was very proud
and very tired, he was in contact with his family and the Chandlers' family every 25 minutes [before they were released].”

No wonder his family have hailed him a hero. Mr Kadiye, along with other members of the Somali community in the UK, wanted to help the Chandlers. They were ashamed at the way the pirates had behaved.

It is noew thouight that part of the ransom was raised through a charity song. The music video, made by Somalis living in London, helped to secure as much as £150,000 in ransom money. "The song was recorded by the Somali news station Universal TV and has been broadcast more than 10 times on the channel. Somalis living in London inundated the station offering to donate money to pay the ransom when it was first shown in September". This story just gets better, thankfully, at last.

Source: AllVoices

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