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Friday, November 26, 2010

2 guilty in River Cree murder

Friday, November 26, 2010
Alexander Reid, shown in a court sketch, was found guilty in the shooting death of Mohammed Ibrahim two years ago. (CBC)

A judge found Adam Michael Brown and Alexander Reid guilty Friday in the murder of Mohammed Ibrahim outside the River Cree Casino west of Edmonton two years ago.

The decision was met with audible relief from Ibrahim's mother and members of Edmonton's Somali community who surrounded her.

Brown and Reid gunned down Ibrahim, 24, on Aug. 10, 2008.

The decision comes two weeks after the second-degree

Co-accused Adam Michael Brown, was also found guilty of second-degree murder. (CBC)

murder trial of the two men wrapped up Nov. 10.
The Crown argued the shooting death of Ibrahim was payback for a bar fight earlier in the evening.

The defence argued the Crown’s case fell short of proof beyond a reasonable doubt.

During the trial, witnesses went missing, changed their testimony or claimed their lives were threatened.

The judge said he relied largely on prior witness statements that were much more detailed and photographs taken prior to the shooting that put Reid and Brown in the club that night and identified what they were wearing.
The evidence showed there was a fight in the bar earlier that night involving the accused and the victim and that gave Brown and Reid the motive to kill — retaliation, said the judge.

Ibrahim’s is the first case in a string of killings of young Somali men in Edmonton to go to trial.

The decision was awaited anxiously by members of Edmonton's Somali community.

Source: CBC


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