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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Kenya: ODM-K man in the lead in Wajir

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Mahamud Sirat of ODM-K

Mr Mahamud Sirat was Wednesday evening the leading candidate in the Wajir South by-election.

By the time story was being published, Mr Sirat of Orange Democratic Party-Kenya (ODM-K) had garnered 8,313 votes in 61 polling stations against the former MP Abdirahman Hassan.
Mr Hassan, on the other hand, had 5,691 votes in an election that officials said they were “happy with the way candidates conducted themselves.”
Wajir South has 68 polling stations.
“With a 73 per cent turn out, it shows that the people of Wajir South took the by-election seriously,” said Interim Independent Electoral Commission’s boss Issack Hassan.
More than 80 percent of the voters had to be assisted to vote.
In one polling station, said Ms Immaculate Kissait the Director of Voter Registration and Electoral Operations, only four voters managed to cast the ballot on their own.
“Most of the voters turning up for the polling exercise requested to be assisted to vote. We attribute this to high illiteracy levels,” she told Nation in Habaswein town.
Added Ms Kissait; “We are however happy that the process in time with a high voter turn-out…by 11am for instance, 27 centres had registered 57 voter turn-out. We are sure that this will improve as the day goes by.”
She said despite the voting process going on well in the vast constituency for the better part of the day, things were not all that rosy.
There were reports of voter bribery, with one of the candidates being accused of dishing out cash in order to influence voters.
However, Ms Kissait, in response, said those were just rumours but added that they had launched investigations over the matter.
Voting began at exactly 6am with voters seeking to elect a new MP.


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