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Sunday, September 26, 2010

34 illegal Somali immigrants arrested in Kenya

34 illegal immigrants from Somalia were on Saturday arrested at Habobey in Hagarboll division of Garissa District.

Two taxi drivers were also arrested for trying to negotiate with the security personnel to have the aliens released.

Garissa DC John Kinjo said that the immigrants had paid 220 dollars each to brokers to bribe their way from Somalia to Nairobi and then on to Mombasa from where they make their way to other countries abroad.

Kinjo said the 34 aliens included 22 male and 12 female who were on transit to Nairobi.

He said the brokers were also smuggling contraband goods such as sugar, cigarettes, and dry batteries among other items that have flooded Garissa open air markets.

The DC commended the Administration Police officers who arrested the immigrants noting that the Kenya-Somali border remained very porous with the brokers hampering the government's efforts to curb the movement of illegal immigrants in the region.

Source: KNA


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