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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

FBI investigating Somali Oil dealers in east Africa

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) which is aiding their Ugandan counterparts after the twin bombings in Ugandas Capital Kampala on the 11th July, is investigating Somali oil dealers in East Africa countries, The Uganda Eye has learnt.

By Dalton Wanyera, The Uganda Eye
Tuesday, August 03, 2010

A source within police close to the terrorist investigation, intimated to this news paper that, the personnel from the federal bureau of investigations have a special interest in fuel dealers in the East African jurisdiction.

The FBI is highly suspicious and interested in the fuel dealers here. They (dealers) are highly linked to the bomb blasts mid July in Nairobi. It is on the fuel tankers that most illegal Somali immigrants and Al - Shabab Islamists cross borders into other countries, the source said.

Al Shabbab, a terrorist group fighting the interim government of Somalia claimed responsibility of the twin bombing in Ugandas capital which killed 80 people and injured hundreds on 11th July, who where watching world cup finials between Netherlands and Spain.

According to the source, the fuel dealers and Al - Shabbab thrive on a symbiosis relationship. The former are helped get fuel cheaply as they assist in the later in infiltrating other states in East Africa where the oil dealers operate.

One Somali arrested

Police in Jinja the second largest town Uganda; have arrested a Kenyan of Somali origin over allegations that he is linked to the Al Shabab terrorists.

Ahmed Mohammed Zirie, 50, was arrested on Friday last week (23 July) while at tropical bank along Main Street in Jinja town.

Ahmed is said to have lived in areas of Kisenyi a Kampala suburb in a hotel which has been identified by the security organs as Sofa hotel.

The Uganda Eye was not able to look at the passports though our source said the information being given by the suspect was not yet clear.

In the statement, the suspects farther alleges that he was around the banking facility waiting for his friend Nuridini, a fuel dealer to give him some help that would enable him travel to Southern Sudan.

Nuridini who later gave the suspect one hundred thousand shillings $47 was summoned by police for questioning to that effect.

Half of the fuel petrol stations currently operating in Uganda are owned by the Somali community, according to our source, the terrorist connive with the pirates around the Indian Ocean and the money is sent to their agents in east Africa who invest it all types of businesses including oil, real estate.

We believe its this money that is funding these terror activities around the east African community. We had been relaxed about them but we now want to put a close eye on them our source adds.

Source: The Uganda Eye


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