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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Puntland security forces seize explosives in central Somalia

The security forces of Mudug region [Puntland side] have today foiled large explosives buried at a residential house in Gaalkacyo town, central Somalia. the troops have also seized a man who is suspected to be behind this mission.

The commander of operations of Mudug region Qaline Yusuf has told the media that the police have dismantled the buried mina adding that the suspected criminal is now in hand. He further stated that the explosives contained different materials including gadgets, ammunition and other devices and it was meant to destroy a residential house near Gaalkacyo airport.

Several regional authority officials have arrived at the house where the explosives were discovered including the governor of Mudug region Ahmad Ali Salad and Mudug police commander Muse Abdirahman to examine the situation. The move comes following months of stability in Gaalkacyo town, central Somalia.


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