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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Puntland leader says displaced people contributing to insecurity

The president of the Puntland administration, Abdirahman Farole, has today held a meeting with senior United Nation officials and said displaced people in the region contribute to the insecurity and criminal activity.

The president spoke to the media a short while after his meeting with the United Nations humanitarian coordinator. The president said his discussions with the official were mainly on issues of security and threats posed by displaced people in the region.

“Today’s meeting between Puntland and the United Nations was to mainly discuss displaced people in the region and their establishment of settlements for them. We also discussed how best to address the challenges these people pose,” said the Puntland leader while talking to the media after the meeting.

President Farole said his discussions focused on the problems caused by displaced people some of whom he said have even committed crimes such as murder which he said have affected residents of the Puntland administration.

“Displaced people are quite pleased about the reception they have received in Puntland and many among them are good. There are however a significant number of them who are determined to wreck havoc and contribute to insecurity in the region. They are being used to destabilise Puntland and we blame them for being responsible for 30 per cent of the crimes,” said the Puntland president.


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