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Sunday, July 25, 2010

CSPAJ Congratulates the Newly Elected President of the Somali Region.

Center for Somali Peace and Justice (CSPAJ) congratulates the election of Mr. Abdi Maxamud Cumar as the next President of the Somali Regional State of Ethiopia. At this difficult juncture, no one is more suitable to lead the region than President Abdi Maxamud Cumar who as a former head of the Security had dealt with the security issues in the region, which is believed to be one of the most unstable regions in Ethiopia

Your Excellency, there are many complicated issues facing the region-security, education, health care, and many more. I would urge you, Mr. President, to tackle these issues head-on. And to do so, Mr. President, requires a strong leadership in your part, and  competent cabinet ministers whose priorities are to elevate the region and its people from the desperate situations they found themselves in, to a more prosperous and hopeful life, not, though not unprecedented,  ministers who enrich themselves and leave the people in the mud.

Furthermore, Mr. President, in order to preside good governance, you should be bold in defining your vision so you can act quickly in the challenges ahead of you. In doing so, you are ensuring the public’s right to know the direction of which their President is leading them. Your goal should be solely serving the people of the region, because the office you hold is belong to them, and mistreating them will only guarantees your expulsion from the office sooner or later.

Finally, Mr. President, needless to say that the people of Somali Regional State are looking for a change in direction and in leadership and, your Excellency, you are in a position to prepare the region to meet the economic, social and most important of all, the security challenges of the future. Mr. President the residents of the region are counting on you to be fair and balanced. As Abu Bakr, member of the Khulufaa A Raashidiin, said, “Do not look down upon any Muslim, for even the most inferior believer is great in the eyes of God.”

Abdirahman Takhal
Executive Director
Center for Somali Peace and Justice


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