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Monday, July 12, 2010

CSPAJ Condems the Terrorist Attacks in Kampala

Center for Somali Peace and Justice strongly condemns the cowardly terrorist attacks which caused the loss of 74 civilian lives in Kampala, Uganda, while watching the finals of the World Cup on the night of July 11, 2010

Two bombs simultaneously ripped through the Ethiopian Village restaurant and a sports club in the Ugandan capital late Sunday evening, killing defenseless spectators.

Such a heinous crime shouldn’t be tolerated in anyway, shape, or form by any human being with a common sense. 

As a Somali and a Muslim, I am, particularly, ashamed of what is being done in the name of my country and beloved religion.

CSPAJ wishes solace to the bereaved families and calls on the international community to condemn strongly this terrorist act, and to come to the aide of the Ugandan authorities to bring the perpetrators to justice

Abdirahman Takhal
Executive Director
Center for Somali Peace & Justice


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