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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Somalia ‘clear of illegal fishing’

Somalia’s Minister for Fisheries and Marine Resources, Professor Abdurahman Haji Ibrahim Aden alias Ibbi has, told Mogadishu Radio, a state-run broadcaster, that no illegal fishing is currently taking place around Somalia.

Prof Ibbi who is also deputy prime minister in the Transitional Federal Government insisted that his administration has enough evidence to believe that illegal fishing is no longer taking place around the waters of Somalia.

He added that the international navy patrolling the Somali waters in the Indian Ocean and the Gulf of Aden have done a lot to stop illegal activities.

Illegal events

The minister stated that the proliferation of piracy has also scared many illegal trawlers from venturing into the Somali waters.

“The trawlers have been frightened by the pirates, fearing hijacking,” said Prof Ibbi.

The minister also indicated that in his recent visit to London, UK, President Sheikh Sharif Sheikh Ahmed of Somalia was shown satellite images illustrating that illegal activities were not taking place around Somalia.

He added that the TFG have stopped issuing fishing licenses to foreign parties.

“The ministry of fisheries and marine resources has not issued fresh permits allowing foreign companies to fish in Somalia’s Exclusive Economic Zone,” said Prof Ibbi. “The policy is to counter depletion of our marine resources,” he added.

The official’s statement comes at a time many people believe that the international navy forces from US, EU, Russia, South Korea and other nations are ‘fighting piracy’ with the hidden agenda of protecting illegal activities in the Somali waters.

Source: Sunday Nation


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