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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Somali kills fiancée in Yemen

ADEN, June 23 (Saba) – A Somali fiancée has been found dead inside her fiancé's home in Yemen's port city of Aden, the Interior Ministry has posted on its website.

The fiancé, 45, brutally choked to death Najma Umar that was found naked at the bathroom with a wire tied around her neck, the ministry said.

Her family said that the fiancé took her to his home to discuss arrangements for their wedding and the family knew nothing about her fate until police found her body.

A hunt was launched for the fiancé who closed the door of his home after the murder and escaped to an unknown place.

Hundreds of thousands of African refugees have arrived in Yemen fleeing deteriorating situations in Horn of African countries.

Tens of refugees continue to arrive in the country daily laying more burdens of Yemen's fragile economy and posing threats to its social structure and national security, according to official reports.

Source: Saba


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