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Saturday, May 1, 2010

I don’t believe UWSLF (Formerly Al-Itihaad) have anything to offer

I couldn’t agree more Reading your article (Abdi Mahamud Omar) and I wanted to add these points to your argument. UWSLF formerly Al-Itihaad have a very violent history or past in the Somali
regional State and in the former Somali Republic. There is nothing in their past that gives me the confidence to believe they have something to contribute to the political, economic or for that matter cultural atmosphere of the Somali region or the country as a whole. Al-Itihaad is an organization that was part and still is part of violent Islamic movements in the horn of Africa. Sadly, they are part of Islamic movements that have nothing to offer in this modern age. I don't think they are in tune with the modern age and the only thing they know and are capable are killing innocent civilians...slaughtering human beings like animals. They breach intolerance, classify people into categories, (believers, non-believers, infidels. and this includes Muslim who don't agree with their version of Islam or their interpretation of the religion) not according to Islam, but to their own version of Islam, and their ignorant interpretation--most often confusing cultural back grounds with the theology.
Just look at the history of these Islamic movements throughout the me a single Islamic movement that proved they can contribute to an existing political structure or create a new better alternative political model.
Look no further than Somalia...The Islamic movements are terrorizing the population...literally the meaning of the word "terrorizing". Human life is cheaper than an animal.
Call them UWSLF or their real name Al-Itixaad but the fact of the matter is they are still fundamentally the same organization. The name doesn't change their basic political doctrine or ideology. My view is, the political goals advocated or preached by majority of modern day Islamic movements are not compatible with any existing political system (plural democracy, constitutional democracy, socialism, communism, social democracy centralized autocracy or federal systems). With the exception of Turkey and Malaysia, Islamic movements have not been willing to change their ideology and doctrine to meet the demands of the majority and the existing political foundation. I believe Islamic movements should be shunned from all political participation until they prove and are willing to move beyond rigid doctrines and theology based on their version of Islam.
Islamic movements including UWSLF don't deserve any seat in the political table until they show us they are capable of:
1-Establishing or producing a constitution based on Islamic Sharia that is compatible or can fully meet the functionality of modern day society in the 21st Century. This is producable but for some reasons, Islamic movements have been vague, unwilling to produce a sharia constitution, have been too simplistic with their interpretation of the sharia and frankly unpractical--they want an Islamic Sharia where every Sheikh in every Village can interpret the Sharia his own way. This is not practical in the 21st Century. In essence, this fits the definition of chaos--and chaos has been their hallmark so far.
2-Until Islamic movement show the ability to govern and produce economic models to produce jobs and public administration models beyond chopping the hands and legs of hungry and starving young men/women,
3-Until Islamic movements preach tolerance instead of hate and killing those who disagree or don't follow their orders, when they stop forcing people to their belief and life style (acting like a cop when Allah SWT himself has given his creation the faculty of choice...the reason Hell and Jannah exists---as a reward for the faculty of choice),
4-Until Islamic movements embrace modernity rather than backwardness and barbarism, their complete denial of modern life,
5-Until Islamic movement stop being corrupt...Look at every Islamic organization around the world...they are rich, millionaires...for themselves majority of times...while the populations they are oppressing are destitute, poor, hungry and living in utter misery...
Then and only then should we take them seriously. I don't believe UWSLF or any other Islamic organization have anything politically to contribute...They have a role to play in society and that is to preach and teach morality in mosques...
Islamic organization such as UWSLF have no role in politics and every time they participate or are allowed to participate, they are un curable cancer, they are divisive and they cause the disintegration of the political system...their role is in the mosque, nothing beyond that. And it will be a mistake to allow them in the region's political system...they are just not knowledgeable of politics, and their politics is sharia, sharia, sharia... without understanding what that sharia entails.
Islamic movements have been a big disappointment, big failure but Somali Islamic movements have been even worse...and I can give you tons of reason you probably already know but this space won't allow me or this is not the time but my point is they have proven for the past 4 decades starting with Egypt's Ahlu Sunna Waljamaca that they are nothing but trouble and chaos. Anybody who believes otherwise just doesn't know their history or is ignoring at their own peril.
I just don't understand all the Hubla about UWSLF, an organization that started with a violence and succession from Ethiopia that they can now add something to the political process of the region. It appears to me all the Hubla has tribal dimension...nothing more than that. It’s very sad that Somalis are not willing to learn from the destruction of clan politics...we are indeed stupid beyond repair.
Is it a coincidence that the wealthiest among Somalis are Islamist (wadaado)? No, it’s no coincidence. The Islamist including
Al-Itixaad, have milked and used the trust given to them solely because of their religious position or whether using Islamic charities (operating under the Islamic charity umbrella) for first and foremost for their own benefits and doing very little attending to the objective misery the people they get these funds on their behalf.
Ignorance breeds ignorance. The Somali people never criticize neither are willing to expose the corrupt business of the Islamist because they think criticizing religious figures is un-Islamic or for fear of Allah's wrath when it should be the opposite. This is ignorance of the religion and the blind trust the Somali people have been giving to Sheikhs and religious figures--which have used this ignorance and blind trust to exploit the Somali people for so long.
The question we need to ask is this, what have Islamist organization done for the Somali people other than suffering and killings? What have Islamist organization done for the Islamic Umma throughout the World? Nothing but chaos, confusion, suffering and bloodshed. with the exception of Malaysia--which by the way the rulers are highly educated Muslims which the Islamist organizations have failed or ignored to emulate them as a blue print for governing and establishing a modern Islamic States, everywhere else, the hard line, rhetoric driven Islamists have led with failure and I don't believe for a day--the formerly Al-Itihaad (UWSLF) which has contributed to the fall of the former Siyad Barre regime and has waged countless insane Islamic insurgency in Puntland, Somaliland and the Somali regional State and now is waging an insane, blood filled insurgency in Somalia--will contribute anything constructive be it development or political to the Somali regional State.
Yes, we should welcome their disarmament but to give them a space in the political arena of the Somali region or the country is a huge mistake. They should disarm and join the rest of the regions citizens to promote peace and fulfill their citizenry obligation. Anything more than that is inviting a lion into your house. Sooner or later, it will have you for its launch. It won't be far before they launch their Fatwa for this and for that.Heard of the case in Madera Kenya where they are issuing their fatwa, people not allowed to watch the World Cup---in a country with constitutional/representative democracy--Somali religious Sheikhs have used their ignorance of the religion to push beyond their boundaries of society with destructive consequence and with little push back from Somalis.
Religion and politics are like Oil and water---it’s impossible to mix them. Inviting modern day Islamist into politics is like pouring oil on a fire--it creates a bush fire that is hard to contain. I believe very strongly that history should be guidance for the regional and the federal government. The short term political calculations shouldn't blind us from the fact that nothing fundamentally has changed from Al-Itihaah foundation doctrine. The federal government and the Somali regional State should make public what the peace agreements/disarmaments terms are. Sooner or later, the region's population and the Ethiopian people, will live with the consequence of bad politics, if that is what's taking place here.

By Abdiweli Ali


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