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Monday, May 31, 2010

Call for UN Action- By Garad Jama Garad Ali

Press Release:- I am profoundly disappointed with the whole UN involvement in Somalia and wonder whether its [humanitarian] activities in our country are in line with its stated objectives.
My people in Sool, Sanaag, and Ayn regions share these feelings and views with me.
I always believed that the core value and mission of the United Nations is respect for all humans, principle of impartiality, fairness, neutrality, and independence from undue influence of any party. It was always my firm conviction that the UN has special responsibility for ensuring the protection and assistance of vulnerable civilian populations in time of war and other major calamities which are imposed on them and are not of their own making.

My long-held view about this world body is now shattered by the reality on the ground, the reality happening now to my people and to my land.

My people are being killed, maimed, and imprisoned by the clan-based entity in Hargeisa.
My people are being driven from their homes and their land; my people are being displaced from major population centers in which they lived including Buhodle, Lasanod, Widhwidh, Balli-Hara. The latest assault by SNM occurried in Buhodle, widhiwdh, and Balli-hara during May 21-23. 

In the this latest incident Hargeisa entity militias killed over 50 people including women, children, and older people.Over 150 people were wounded, properties destroyed and pillaged. These attacks have created a humanitarian disaster.

The UN and its many agencies has miserably failed to undertake its mandate to intervene and stop the naked aggression being committed by the clan-driven, so-called Somaliland enclave against the peaceful people in Sool, Sanaag, and Ayn regions. 

No humanitarian relief has so far reached those affected areas. The UN has failed to assist those affected civilians who are in dire need for medicine, food, shelter, and other necessities.
Heavy rains have also complicated the situation.

Long before this tragedy occurred we issued many warning and calls to the UN for action to prevent it only to fell on deaf ears; the UN had blatantly ignored the unfolding tragedy; And now this.

Therefore, on half of my people, I call the whole world to stop this slaughter of my people by the so-called Somaliland perpetrators. 

I call upon the UN to condemn these heinous atrocities being committed by the SNM militia against my innocent people. I also call for urgent humanitarian assistance for the the wounded and the displaced people of Buhodle, Widhwidh, Bali-hara, and the other places affected by this destruction.

Garad Jama Garad Ali Garad Jama
The Traditional Leader Of Sool, Sanaag & Ayn regions.


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