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Monday, April 26, 2010

Somalia militants destroy mosque allegedly built by Christians

APA-Mogadishu(Somalia) The Alqaeda-linked Al shabab militants in Somalia are for the second day destroying a large mosque in the city of Baidoa south western Somalia, alleging that the mosque was built by Christians from Italy, residents told APA Friday.

Residents say that Al shabab administration in the city ordered the mosque to be destroyed saying that they have known that the mosque was built by the Christian Italian government just dozens of years ago.

But elders say that the Jamic mosque in Baidoa was jointly built by inhabitants and the former Somali government and that they are not aware of any Italian co-operating in building the mosque.“I am 89 years old and I only know that this large mosque was built by the former Somali government with the help of people here in Baidoa” said hajji Aden Mohamed an elder in the city which is about 247 kilometers north west of the capital.

For the past two years, the militants have destroyed mosques of the Sunni Muslim sect believers and excavated the graves of scores of revered Sunni Muslim clerics, drawing the wrath of the Sunnis who have taken arms against the militants.



  • Anonymous says:
    April 26, 2010 at 3:12 PM

    Wassaakhdan afka duuban yaa ka qabta diinta. Shabaab waa shayddan walaalkiis. Ujeeddadooda waxay tahay inay Diinta baab'iyaan laaakiiin iyaga ayaa baaba'aya.

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