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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Somalia: Camouflaging under Islamic Shadow with Sinister aims

By. Dr.Yusuf O. Azhari

Frm. Ambassador

It is paradoxical to find now a days misuse of Islam as political procurement and to be high lighted by many desire accomplish groups ravenous for power. Consequently one may question, is Somalia an Islamic Republic by virtue of being a 100% Muslim Nation? If the response is yes, then why all the fuss about this inimitable allegiance to an alien Islamic interpretation by certain groups who camouflage under the shadow of Islam with sinister motives which let us believe that they are more righteous than others? Islam has never been known in Somalia, to be phenomenon used, as a dividing factor among the Somali people in the past. Those trying to use baleful alien Islamic philosophy avid to gain political power are lacking other alternative to achieve their concealed non Islamic aims.

Historically the Somalis as a Nation never witnessed politicizing Islam as a means to achieve power. In fact those who proclaimed to be Islamist now could be questioned what were they before their proclamation? Are they new comers to Islam or were born as Muslims by their father and mother? Or do they feel that the Somali Nation was being converted to other faith and therefore in rescue, they wanted to restore Islam in the motherland? These are onerous perceptions hard to digest or simply accept.

For generations since the introduction of Islam by the almighty creator, Somalis never condoned any other faith than Islam. Even during the Christian colonial period they peacefully pursued their faith which was strictly guided by their able gifted sunny theologians and elders with wisdom. It seems that the new Islamist that suddenly appeared in our midst intend to revise the Quraan, as others did with their holly Books, to a new distorted Quraan text “Allah forbid”. Listening to some of the falsification in interpreting verses of the Quraan to fit their sinister motives, derives one to believe that they have already commenced amending its real meaning and would soon come up with a different Book. Somalis as astound believers on the Quraan and the Sunna of the Prophet (SCW) would never compromise with their dearly condoned and valued Religion as inherited over the centuries. These foreign agent Wahabi rejecters who actually repudiate all the sound principles of Islamic Religion should be confronted solemnly with firmness in a unified cogency.

The one thing Somalis would never disagree on and want accept any body meddle with, is their spiritual holly Quraan as delivered by the Prophet (SAW) with the comprehensively agreed upon and accepted interpretations.

Psychotic Religious extremists are not phenomenon exclusively pertaining, only to Somalis. It is universally found with in the various faiths. Recollecting as recently as in the nineteen sixties the US had the worst fundamentalist that is known to emerge any where in the world. The Kulak Klan (KK) of which similar symptoms we occasionally witness in Somalia now a days. The symbols of this group was a burning cross and they wore white garment covering their entire body with pierced eye wholes which mainly operated in the Southern States and were mercilessly burning churches full of worshipers to the ground. Though the exclusive majority in those churches were from the Afro American this group was never differentiating ethnicity or creed. Some of the priests congregating the church ceremony were whites who were burnt to death with the rest.

The American people have since transcended this ugly episode in a commendable, extol worth stride. Awarding with all compassion and sincerity through Democratic election the highest political office to a man from the minority, a case which would have been considered few years back an impossible miracle. Somalia is no lesser candidate to equally transcend the present menacing havoc and instability through peaceful Democratic understanding.

Islam does not contradict Democratic principles as a base to good governance. In fact suffrage public nomination of leaders in Islam commenced from the time of the Prophet (SAW). People were allowed to come out in support of the leader of their choice through vocal expressions known in Arabic as (Mubaaya’a). It was Islam that introduces the modalities of Democracy as it is enshrined in the Holly Quaan. Consultative decision is the bases for agreement on any issue of importance among Muslims. The Prophet (SAW) was divinely instructed to consult his followers on crucial issues which needed collective decisions, demonstrating that Islam introduce Democracy while the Western World were still despotically ruled. Islam prohibits as sinful, corruption, misappropriation, and nepotism. Mal administration of public Institutions by any responsible person or a leader is unforgivable crime. Injustice, impunities, killing and mistreatment of human beings and animals without justification are all prohibited and punishable in Islam.

However, presently patchy good governance procedures which is inculcated as Democratic principals by the Developed countries of the west, is used as painful whip, to lash with the developing countries while no Nation in this world had ever achieved full Democracy and good governance. It is contemplate that very few countries and Society Groups have seemingly come closer to it.

The imperfection of the Western World as real Democratic Nations with good governance could not be criticized or sanctioned because they are powerful and the Protégées of Democracy and good governance, so to say. In fact some developing countries and societies are much advanced than most of the western countries in implementing certain moral principles of Democracy.

Somalia could proudly pursue Democracy without any infringement to their faith. Democracy being one of the socio welfare system, promoted by Islam in the first place, it is wrong to let others snatch it and inculcate terms that suit their political scheme and use it against us. Adhering strictly to the good morals of Islam in fact boosts the success of Democratic good governance around the Universe. Democracy does not mean deviating from implementing Shari ‘a Law or any sound procedure. Most of the western laws were actually driven from Islamic Laws. Both judiciary laws complement one another, if articles incompatible with Islamic Laws are properly sifted and justly repudiated.

It is germane that Democratic Governments in Somalia devotedly uphold Islam as the only religion and faith of the country and should be constitutionally protected as the case has always been. The morality of the people should strictly adhere to the valued principles of Islam and rules and regulation past on to us by the Prophet (SAW), which should be literarily pursued with diligence.

Distorting these sacred principles through intimidation, killing and public maiming to reach political aims through coercion is a sin punishable to end-up in hell.

Islam is the light to knowledge that would lead us to progress in every field. It encourages us not to deny the country and its people to advance in technology, scientific education, industrialization and modernization. Islam is the religion for enhancement and improvements of the life of the people to better standard. In fact Islam encourages us to compete with other Nations for better level of modernization and sagacity that would strengthen our faith. The more we advance and prosper in our way of life, the more our Islamic faith would be consolidated and respected by all. Above all it is mandatory in Islamic teachings to live in peace among ourselves and with others as well.

My take on here is that using Islam to divide the Somali Nation would only serve the enemies of Islam and would weaken our National heritage. Those advocating that Somalia should retire to situations of the second or third century of the Islamic age, while the rest of the world is advancing must be psychotic. Let us call upon our National theologians and the Somali masses to united and firmly correct this menacing infringement upon our adored Religion by those ravenous for power with sinister ideology, which should have never shaken our soul in the first place.

The write is a veteran civil servant and career


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